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Where did the last 2 weeks go?

I really thought it had only been a few days since my last post and then I realized I hadn't covered soooooo much. My work here in Atlanta has really picked up and I couldn't be happier with that. When I first started out I was doing 3 shoots a week and now Im consistently doing 3 shoots a day on the weekends and staying steady during the week so I would say things are picking up!

Just an FYI Im going to be dropping some names in this post because I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing talent and I just can't resist! Lets start with last weekend....

I had the opportunity to work with Lindsay Dowell and Jabe Mabrey on a shoot with a male model. Thats not something I get to do often but I was absolutely in hog heaven. Male grooming and 2 men with the most creative minds made for an amazing shoot. I don't have my images back from this yet but I have a few BTS (behind the scenes) shots and I just have to share.

Then after that I hustled off to a beauty shoot with Miss Chloe and she is a model that is absolutely up for anything and I have gotten to work with her in the past and quite a few times lately. I love seeing her progress and love her attitude. I think it really shows through in her photos. I mean come on guys how cute is she!!!!

Then the weekend quickly moved from Beauty work to Halloween! And boy Halloween didn't disappoint. Another name drop so get ready! A great artist here in Atlanta, Erica Bogart, has been so kind to let me shadow her and assist and on Saturday of Halloween weekend I got to assist at a wedding she was the artist for and then head off for some Special Effects work. I don't get to do a lot of Special Effects but I got to get way more hands on that I had thought so it was a great time. Just imagine getting to splatter blood on someone and getting paid for it!

After the professional work of Halloween it was time to go out and party myself. I did get to make an impromptu Frankenstein for a friend and then transform myself into Ursula from the Little Mermaid.

The week between Halloween and this weekend was actually a little slower than normal but then it was right back to the grind this weekend. I had 3 shoots on Saturday (two with Susie Mann with Susie M Creative and one with Chris Evans of Clearly Focused Media) and another shoot today with Jedd of Dark Strip Media that really let me test my creative skills with more editorial and avant garde work (which is always exciting)

I only have some behind the scenes and preview photos from this weekend so far and I just can't wait to share so peek at these until the high res photos make it to me! Enjoy!!

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