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New Skin Care LOVE!!!!

I saved a few images to my computer a few months ago because I wanted to talk about a new product that I liked....cut to now, and the like has turned into a HUGE HUGE LOVE!!!! Let me tell you about it....

For starters, I used to use Proactiv, actually used it for several years until about October when I decided I was not longer a teenager (at age 33) and moved to the Proactiv + line.

I do not want to speak ill of any brand but this new formula just didn't do it for me. I thought I was struggling with dry skin but this literally burned my skin and I thought maybe I was the only one but it did the same to my sister so I decided it had to be time to move on to something more simple and more natural for my skin. Lets be honest, I'm not getting younger but I would like to look younger so the journey of find the perfect skin care routine.

So after tossing out about $60 worth of product I went in a entirely new direction. I bought Ponds Cream and some Micellar Water for makeup removal and started using testers of the thousands of face washes I have accumulated over the years of cosmetics boxes and samples from companies. Both of the makeup removers worked amazingly but something about Ponds to take off my makeup made my skin feel so soft and moisturized that I just couldn't give it up....yep, Im still using Ponds.

So now it time to talk about the "Game Changer" that this has all been leading up to! It is none other than the amazing Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel. I got a sample of this from Ulta and used it for a while but just didn't love it....then I saw a video from a mature model who showed me how to use it and ever since then I have been hooked!!!!

Basically my routine goes like this...... If I have on makeup I remove it before I ever even touch water to my face. I use Ponds, Coconut Oil, or my Makeup Eraser to remove the makeup. Then, and for me, in the shower I put the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel on my face first thing and continue with my shower letting the wash stay on my face for several minutes through shampoo and shaving. It doesn't foam up or get a crazy lather on it but the little enzymes climb into your pores and eat up all the gunk that clogs the pores and causes breakouts. Im pretty sure thats not the technical way it works but thats the way I understand it so Im sticking with it!

Let me just tell you, I have been using it now for 4 months and I am still absolutely in love with it. More so every day. I can probably count on one had the number of blemishes I have had since I started using it. And to make it even better it is totally affordable, not just a little affordable but almost cheap! Its $14 for the 8 oz but you better bet Im buying it in the jumbo bottle now and it still only like $25 bucks! That is a price point I can get behind!

(Just a disclosure....Im not getting paid or even given free product to say this about this product but Mario, feel free to send some my way because I am absolutely in LOVE and will continue to sing its praises!!!)

After I decided this face wash was the greatest thing since sliced bread I explored the line a little further to see if there were more gems that I was missing. So now along with the Cleansing Gel Im also using the Aloe Vera toner each night and the Vitamin C Serum about 2-3 times a week. I chose the Aloe Vera option because I get a little redness in my cheeks and needed something a little more soothing and I hate the smell of cucumbers so I was certainly not putting that on my face! These 3 products along with a standard Coconut Oil as a moisturizer.

The serum is by far the most expensive product from the line that I use at around $45 but I only use it a couple of days a week so Im guessing this tiny little bottle is going to last me quite a while.

Like I mentioned before I use a basic coconut oil as my moisturizer. I noticed when I asked my models what they used on their faces most every one said coconut oil so I just jumped on that bandwagon. The one I use was purchased at Whole Foods and has a lavender scent.

I feel like when I talk about these new products it seems like so much in one post but I have simplified my skin care routine with these products so much! And for the longest time I was just using the Enzyme Cleansing Gel and decided to move on to more products because I love it soooooo much! Its better on my skin, better on my wallet and best of all my skin hasn't looked or felt this good in years!

And an honorable mentions since Im already on the Mario Badescu love train but they have this stuff called Drying Lotion. I also tried this out a few months ago and didn't like it! Turns out I was using it wrong. When you pick it up there is pink stuff on the bottom and clear on the top and I was shaking it up and putting it on my blemishes, turned out, your not supposed to shake ti! Instead just drop a Q-tip in the pink stuff and dab it on a blemish and poof, that bad boy just goes away. The reason I don't have such a glowing review on it is because Im never having to use it because my skin is not breaking out like it use to! I think Ive used it twice since Ive owned it.

Now all of these products I have linked back to the Mario Badescu site but you can also purchase in store at Ulta and I think they are also available at Anthropology. Again, I am not getting anything for this review, I just absolutely love it and want you to be able to love it like I do easier by clicking a link!

Finally, I want you all to have the chance to love this face wash as much as I do and I also want to grow my online presence so Ive decided Im going to give away a bottle of the Enzyme Cleansing Gel on my Instagram when I reach 1000 followers so head on over and follow and tell your friends to follow so when I hit 1000 the giveaway can begin!

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