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Gotta Have It....Can't Live Without It

Hey all!!! It's been a while since I posted but I have been super busy! I know, I know, those are some of my favorite words! But I have been asked the same question by several of my models lately so I just have to address something....

What is your favorite makeup? Ha, like I have a favorite. I have so many different brands that I use on a daily basis and could not possible pick just one brand so I decided to put my current favorites out there for the whole wide world to see!

Now as a working makeup artist I have 2 make up bags. I have my makeup that is just for me and I have my professional kit that is just for others. These two never mix, and I mean never. If I love something enough I will buy two just so I know that I have it in both places and don't ever have to worry about something being in the wrong bag.

That being said I have selected 5 items in my personal bag that are my go to's right now. I say right now because things change and so does my makeup bag....

Lets start with skin....

I have been using the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer. This stuff feels like silk on the skin and leaves the glow in all the right places. I put it all over and leave it for a few minutes (usually while putting on hair products) before applying my foundation. I can't say enough good things about it. This is one that started in my professional kit and the more I saw it on my models the more I knew I had to get this in my personal bag.

My current foundation is the It Cosmetics Full Coverage CC+ Cream. I like this one for summer because its not quite so heavy, it really feels like a lotion on my face but it provides excellent coverage on the more red areas on my cheeks. And it has sunscreen so I don't have to take an additional step and add sunscreen. This product is a great all day, easy to use cream, that provides coverage for any skin discolorations. I have also been known to mix this with the primer above for a little more glow and less matte look!

Up Next....the Laura Geller highlighter. This stuff I LOVE! I got a sample of this in a Birchbox and fell in love. I now have the sample in my bag and the full size product in my professional kit. It has the perfect glow without being over the top. I use it as a highlighter as well as an eyeshadow. I don't know if thats against the manufacture specification or not but it makes a beautiful eyeshadow as well.

Now if you read my blog you are not going to be shocked by my next product. Its the Smashbox Gel eyeliner. This little guy is well fantastic. It is a super opaque, super pigmented, gel liner with a super easy to use applicator. No need for a brush and pot, just a few clicks and the product rolls out ready to use. This is really for personal use because it would be a pain to disinfect for multiple users.

Of course Im going to Anastasia Beverly Hills for eyebrows! How can you not! She is doing brows right and has been for a while now. In the last year or so they came out with a Brow Definer "pencil" that has become a staple on my face. This is another one that the product rolls right out ready to use. No need for a brush and pot and gives me very much the fuller thicker brow that I need since I just noticed that one of my eyebrows is going grey! Just one!

Finally for lips. I'm not a lipstick snob at all. Ill use just about any lipstick out there but I was sent the They're Real Lipliner and Lipstick in one and I am really kind of digging it. Because of the two tone lipstick in one container it gives me a fuller pout without having to take two steps. Im all for multi use products and this is a great idea. Now it is just lipstick, not a stain or liquid lip, but I don't need a stain stay all day lip every day. Sometimes I just need a nice lipstick that has staying power and this totally fits the bill.

Like I said these are my personal makeup bag favorites. I like that I can take these products on the run with me if needed and do a full face without having to pack up tons of brushes and additional things. Most can be used with my hands or come with applicators that are built right in. With the addition of a mascara (also, Im not a mascara snob, Ill use just about any of them but right now the "Better than Sex" mascara is at the top of my list) and a touch of blush on my cheeks I can put together a fun full look with these 5 products. And if I'm in a pinch I'll dab a bit of lipstick on my cheek and go! If I find the time soon I might just film a tutorial or take a photo with a full face using only these products.

And I feel since I am a working artist I have to include my must haves in my professional kit as well.

Makeup Forever Aqua Seal: This guy helps with lots of things, but I mostly use it in gel eyeliners to give them a creamy consistency that just glides right on to the lid. I know others that use it with cream contour and even eyeshadows but its a multi-use product that is totally worth the money.

Jack Black Lip Conditioner: This is a drug store brand lip conditioner that has an amazing minty flavor. I put this on my girls when I prime the face and by the time I get to the lipstick the lips are all soft and juicy! And most every single person I put it on asks where they can get it! Thats a selling point right there.

L' Oreal Voluminous Mascara: I generally use cheaper mascaras in my professional kit because I go through mascara faster than most people go through underwear. A tube a week is not uncommon. I have kind of become a drug store mascara genius. The Voluminous mascara has been a good one for me. It comes in regular and water proof so I can even use on my brides and bridal party so there are no streaky tears on a wedding day!

Now that I have told you some of my favorites I would love to know some of your favorites and if you like some of the same ones I do! Let me know!

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