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Product Review

Today I tried 2 new products...I just happened to try them on the same day because I knew the environment I was going into would be a good test. I am a sweaty person, kinda gross I know, but thats the truth. I work in a Blow Dry bar and it is quite possibly the hottest place on earth, coupled with the fact that I live in Georgia where its about 130 degrees with 120% humidity on most days so I sweat quite a bit! I was at the beauty supply store the other day asking if they had anything that could help with face sweat since by the end of my makeup is gone! They recommend a pre-makeup toner to try.

The first impression was not great, it felt strange when I put it on my face and kinda tightening. Almost like when you were a kid and you let Elmer's Glue dry on your hand. (I know you all did it!!!!) After it dried the tightness got better. Now I didn't put any moisturizer over it because I didn't know if that would make it work less....Im still trying it out. Once it dried I moved on to my second new product.

The second was It Cosmetics CC+ Full Coverage Cream. I have just seen some stuff on this product lately and wanted to give it a try and since Im at Ulta every other day I figured why not now. After the Skin Prep Pro dried I applied the CC+ Cream all over my face with a Beauty Blender. I immediately liked the way it went on my skin but would it last through a photo shoot in the hottest studio ever.

I took a selfie when I got to my car before I left for the studio and then again when I got back to my car after the shoot. I was amazed....Not only did my makeup stay in place and not sweat all away but other than just a bit more shine I was super pleased with the results.

This photo helped me understand 4 things....

1. My selfie game has got to improve.

2. My hair product is not humidity.

3. I still like that lipstick as much as I did when I reviewed it on my Instagram page months ago.

4. Over all right now Im giving both of the products an A++

Im going to be trying the Skin Prep Pro again tomorrow when I am in the salon to see if it can hold up to that kind of heat. I will try it tomorrow with a moisturizer and a different foundation to see if the tightness goes away. The salon will be the real test. I'll come back and update tomorrow when I get off work.

And just for clarification I am not paid to review these products. These are my opinions and it was my money that paid for the product. If you would like to send me products to review I would be happy to do that but so far its on my own dime!

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