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Who Am I?

So heres the deal. My name is Emily and you can read my wonderfully written bio that was mostly written by my sister and you can get the professional rundown on me....but hopefully the blog will be a way for us to get to know each other a little better. I have been a lover of all things makeup for as long as I can remember. I had a wonderful mom who let me wear makeup way to young and bought me the good stuff. I have 3 older sisters who were teenagers in the 80's so I learned all about hot pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow and fan bangs. It has always been something I loved doing but it was never more than a hobby. A couple of years ago after working for several years in the housing market (real estate, construction, and mortgages) I was laid off and decided, at the suggestion of my sisters, to go to cosmetology school and actually do something that I loved doing. It had been suggested before but I never really took it seriously but for some reason it just kinda stuck that time. I went to Paul Mitchell the School and worked as a hair dresser for a few months and then decided to go to Studio Crush school of Makeup in Atlanta where I now currently live and work doing exactly what I want!

Now a little more about my style of makeup. I watch and study makeup all the time. I enjoy seeing new ways that people apply and different ideas. I like more of a natural look. I like to see freckles on the face and a little bit of shine. The Instagram/Kardashian style makeup that is all over social media is not really my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong...I think it is beautiful and I can do it, but just not what I like to do on my face. I also like more avant-garde looks. Using color to do a contour instead of a foundation shade, pop art makeup, anything over the top works for me. But even in the more outrageous styles the skin is just dewy and natural looking. Like I said this is my style...everyone has their own way of doing things and my way is no righter than any other person.

Instagram Style
More My Style

Instagram Style Makeup Fashion Makeup (and my work!!!)

As you can see above, both absolutely beautiful but the one on the left is not so much shine lots of strong contour and false lashes....the one on the right is more natural looking skin, natural shine dewey skin.

You can check back here from time to time if you would like for demos, product reviews, and behind the scenes stuff. You are also able to follow me on social media on Instagram and Facebook @lipstickandbobbypins.

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